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Experience the joy of fresh handcrafted bread



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About the Baker

Emily Hicks' earliest memories involve the warmth and smells in her mother's kitchen.  Food and dishes were made by hand and from scratch.  This instilled a love of food and cooking that continued to flourish over the years.  After working for a decade in higher education, she left her career to raise her children.  Being home provided the opportunity and time to explore her passion for food, and she began experimenting with bread baking.  Over the years she refined her baking skills, experimented with her own recipes, and developed each variety found on the menu.  It is a deep joy to share this passion with others, providing healthy, homemade bread to local individuals and families. 

Baked Goods


Each step of the bread making process is done by hand.  The dough undergoes a long fermentation process, so beneficial bacteria can work and aid in the bread's final taste, texture, and digestibility.  Flour, salt, water, and a small amount of yeast comprise the master dough recipe.  Natural, high quality ingredients are used in each of the specialty varieties.  All of these components result in a final product that has a crunchy crust, a light and airy interior crumb, and bread that is wholesome and much easier to digest than the mass-produced, highly processed bread that stocks supermarket shelves. 

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